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Women in the Church Pt. 2

What is the role of women in the church? Are they functioning in the role of complementarianism or in the role of egalitarianism? What do those roles mean? Which one is biblical? Think through these questions and more when you listen to your Talking Truth today with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff.

Women in the Church

The role of women in the church seems to be a resurfacing topic. So, what does the Bible say about women in the church? Are they to keep silent in all matters or is there a proper perspective within the bounds of Scripture for  women? Can they serve, teach and preach? These questions and more will be discussed in the next few podcasts of Talking Truth with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff. Listen to Part 1 today.

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How do I have a quiet time?

 Do you have the desire to read your Bible? How does a person get started in reading the Bible? Listen to your Talking Truth today and hear the conversation between Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff about how to read your Bible daily to learn the wisdom of God.

Are you doubting your salvation?

Have you been questioning whether or not you are saved? Do you wonder if you really know God and if you are going to heaven? People often find themselves trying to answer these questions. So, how does the Bible answer these questions? Listen to Talking Truth with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff, and discover if you can be certain of your salvation.

How were people in the Old Testament saved?

Many people believe Jesus to be Savior, but how were people saved in the Old Testament. Listen to Talking Truth with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff and unfold the answer found in the Bible.

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The Gospel More Than the Plan of Salvation


Most people understand the plan of salvation to involve the birth of Christ, His sinless life, His death, Resurrection and Return. Of course, the plan of salvation does include all of these things, yet there is so much more. Jesus called His disciples to follow Him and make disciples “teaching them to obey all that He has commanded” (Matthew 28). So what is all that He command? Does He only command to share to the point of salvation? Listen to your Talking Truth with Pastor Mark DeMoss and Deanna Huff and learn the Plan of Salvation is bigger than a few bullet points.

The Bible and Circular Reasoning

When referencing the Bible as the source of truth, Christians are often accused of circular reasoning.  Circular reasoning is a logical fallacy known as begging the question, where the person merely assumes what he or she is attempting to prove, or when the premise of an argument actually depends on its conclusion.[i]  Begging the question fallacies are valid arguments (the conclusion follows from the premise), but are, nonetheless fallacious because they are arbitrary.

However, when appealing to an ultimate truth or authority, a certain amount of circular reasoning is unavoidable.  Hebrews 6:13 records, “For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself.”[ii] When God appealed to a higher authority, He could only appeal to Himself, for there is no one higher than God.

Man, on the other hand, always appeals to God because God is a higher authority than man and He is the ultimate source of truth.  Even unbelievers instinctively know that God is the ultimate authority and source of truth.  Watching T.V. this weekend, I heard unbelievers and secularists appeal to God numerous times.  Specifically, with these phrases, “I swear to God,” “Oh my God,” “then God help us,” and one person, after seeing an explosion, cried out, “God Almighty.”

Secularists and other unbelievers will often ask us to leave the Bible out of discussions about truth.  Or perhaps, they will accuse us of circular reasoning.  But how can we know anything without the Bible? And, how could you give any kind of explanation without the Bible? Those who start with the assumption that human reasoning is sufficient apart from God’s revelation have already arbitrarily decided that the Bible is not true. It would be like trying to win an argument by saying, “Let’s start by assuming that you are wrong. And then I can prove that you are wrong.” It wouldn’t make sense to agree to those terms.[iii]

God’s special revelation, the Bible, tells us that we can know God exists by studying creation (Rom 1:20). The Bible claims to be the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16) and, genuine knowledge must begin with God’s revelation (Colossians 2:3).  Therefore, we must study God’s word to know what is true (2 Timothy 2:15).

So, in discussions, explanations, or arguments, don’t leave out the Bible.  It is the ultimate source of all truth.

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Is the Gospel Objective? Is it hidden today?

 Do you ever ask the question, what is the gospel? Is it really objective? Is it hidden or covered up in a closet in the church today? Find these answers and more by listening to your Talking Truth today with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff.


How did Catholicism get a Pope anyway?

How did the Pope arise out of church history? What are Protestant and Catholic differences? Listen to your Talking Truth today and get answers with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff.

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Is Christianity just like other religions? Syncretism Part 3

 Can’t we just all get along, seems to be the motto of the day. One can just mix religions and all would be fine, but is that really true? This is the third podcast dealing with syncretism because it is a drifting shift in the evangelical church. Jesus was very clear about the path of the gospel and as Christians we can learn to winsomely share these truths. Listen to your Talking Truth today with Pastor Mark D. DeMoss and Deanna Huff.

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